Walk With Ease Program partnered with Mercyhealth

Walk With Ease Update and Schedule

This month marks the end of this session of Walk With Ease. We will be having our reunion get together on June 7th at the Mercyhealth conference room. We will be starting back up later in the month to run through the summer. I hear a prize is included in this next session. More info on that later.

Thank you to the N.W. Herald for printing an article about our 8:30 am Walking program every Monday at the Harvard Community Senior Center and Thursday at the Harvard Wal-Mart.  Remember to meet on Monday at the center and Thursday we meet back in the conference/training room at Harvard Wal-Mart for the following information sessions:

  • 5/3/18 Exercising Your Way to Better Health

  • 5/17/18 Medications and Medication Interactions

  • 5/31/18 Healthy Eating – A Dietitian will be coming in to help educate with this session.

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