PEARLS Program

PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives)

About 24% of women and 13% percent of men 60 and older experience symptoms of depression. We all feel down or “blue” sometimes but depression is an actual health condition and, for most seniors living in rural areas, access to quality treatment is a problem.

PEARLS was developed and implemented by the University of Washington to treat depression in community based seniors and any senior experiencing symptoms of depression can be screened for this clinical program. Working in conjunction with a team of behavioral health professionals and the participant’s primary care physician, the PEARLS Counselor (a trained Social Worker) meets with the senior in their home or other comfort setting to help resolve problems and decrease depressive symptoms.

Anyone can refer an older adult (or an individual with Epilepsy or any Veteran) to the PEARLS program. If you are concerned that you or someone you know is depressed, call the PEARLS program line at 815.701.6605. Our PEARLS Counselor will respond and setup an initial assessment.

Pearls appointments are available m-f  9am to 3pm and accepts referrals by phone 815 701 6605 or email


  • Is participant Driven
  • Is successful at treating depression in Older Adults (and also individuals with epilepsy)
  • Is offered in the participant’s home or other comfortable setting by a trained social worker over 19 weeks
  • Includes additional support by a trained case manager, a clinical supervisor, and, when necessary, a geriatric psychiatrist.
  • Assures the participant’s primary care physician is involved and informed.
  • Increases awareness of the connection between depression symptoms and unsolved problems.
  • Increases the ability to clearly define problems and set goals.
  • Teaches problem solving methods that lead to action steps and promotes a return to activities or hobbies once pleasurable.
  • Is evidence based and was developed by the University of Washington
  • Is provided at no cost for the participant.

Additional Services Available…

  • Spanish and English speaking counselors
  • WRAP®️ for Seniors
  • Coordinated Case management & Psychiatric Services
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